Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It is the first mild day of March
Each minute sweeter than before...
There is a blessing in the air....
-William Wordsworth

Ah,the poet knows my heart!
An infusion of energy is pumping thorough my body
time to prepare myself for spring clean up in my open bar of joy
...toiling I enjoy
a sort of zen experience
becoming one with the garden again
getting lost in her epiphanies
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  1. Like itthe poem. I am getting together with four high school friends this weekend and have choosen two poems to read. Fun.

    Thanks for all your thought producing words.

    Hugs and smiles.

  2. poetry is compressed language
    ..ready to let go in a readers heart
    Four friends from high school!
    Right now..Shirley Valentine flashed through my mind...BUT OH.....hehehe
    Read 3 poems!

  3. I love William Wordsworth. I seem to be stumbling across him all the time lately when I am looking for something. Hope the skies of March continue to look like that!


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