Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peonies....before I was a gardener I commited the hideous crime of pulling out a garden full...including some I have never seen the kind again.....I will spend the rest of my life repenting of this.....


  1. Last Winter I moved three peonies (something I read you shouldn't do.)

    They were here before we came and the bed where they were planted no longer gets enough light as new fences have been erected and things have grown around them.

    Last year for the first time, they didn't flower. :-(

    So I decided I had no choice but to move them...

    All Winter I wondered if they would survive. Yesterday I went to look and just like in your photo, there they are! just peeping their heads above ground. . .looks like they made it! :-)

  2. Oh but they won't bloom this year

  3. I love peonies but only tried planting them once from bareroot. I think it was 2 years ago. Maybe I picked a bad spot. I thought they didn't take, but each year I get a little bit of green but never much and never flowers. I just went to check the area and they are starting to pop up looking just like yours.

    I'm sorry you pulled out a bunch before you knew any better.


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