Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The garden journal

Yes, I used to keep those kind of journals too. But through the years I got busy with life and the journals were set aside....a sad mistake on my part. I have found a few hiding in that writing closet of mine and it thrills and saddens me all at the same time reading the entries of my past gardening life. I used to write down everything....including a list of birds and insects that I saw that day.....there used to be far more of them. Now I am lucky to see one warbler and a few walking sticks and praying mantis (although I sort of distain them..they ate my butterflies) and Oh yes, butterflies....their numbers and types have been dwindling too.
I wouldn't have these facts infront of me if not for these old journals. So I am resolved to keep a journal again. I will record weather,plants blooming and growing,birds visiting,insects-good and bad ones...soil concerns...weeds....and my thoughts while in my open bar of joy

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