Friday, August 16, 2013

My garden has turned into a speakeasy
wild and crazy
a joint

I have ignored her this summer
and despite that she has blossomed
The grass has gone all clover and dandelions
sigh...the bugs like it
but my husband sneers at it

The despised grape vine has taken over
growing into the horsechestnut tree and up the chimney
and the morning glories have conneted to the queen of the prairie
making the pathway through the garden tricky

But the worst thing is that the volunteer trees that I usally cut out
have grown without supervision into large teenagers...the  mulberries and maples
I had to call in professional help..
which I dread, but it had to be
But most of them don't know
a tree from a bush
and they just leveled everything
The wench is in recovery
no beautiful quiet serene garden to meditate in
scorchd earth

But it has been a few weeks and things are looking better
the flowers... I was able to save them....with my dead body
and arriving home just in time
Ah she is survivor
the garden
and so is the wench
we both go on
despite hardships
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  1. Suz,
    I'm so glad you're back. I've missed you! You're garden is lovely despite ignoring may be a symbol of what you're life is like right now!
    I very naively keep thinking that the older I get the easier life will know, the Golden Years! Haha on me!
    I am truly sorry that things have been difficult for you!

    1. oh confess...yes, me and garden...a mess
      No, the older we doesn't get easier
      sometimes harder....
      I have neglected to go out into the garden for comfort or joy
      ...just been tending to worldy life weeds
      thanks for the welcome back..
      flower freak...ah I like that name

  2. Hope things get better, but your garden does look divine. Welcome back:)

    1. divine for a gypsy...oooh
      I am one of those..hee hee
      Now if I can only stop aging
      and had a magic wand

  3. I love this post, because it's one I could have written. My garden also survived despite my neglect and has forgiven me by blooming.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. I hear ya
      How you do what you do...I don't know
      the love of animals...I have that too
      I guess that is a big part of my being
      THey always bring me happiness
      Hey...I recued a painted turtle form the road last week
      But yes...the garden is constant and driven to live

  4. Well, if it isn't the garden loving blogging friend who disappeared a while back.
    GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU. Love to find a Suz post.
    My mom was like you. Didn't trust any "landscapers" or gardeners. She would watch them continuously when they came to do something in her garden.
    I love, "My garden has turned into a speakeasy
    wild and crazy
    a joint" Too funny.
    I think it looks wonderful. Oh, those hydrangeas. I can't grow them here.
    And who is that blurr that is running off the deck in the fifth photo? Do I see a small furry playing hide and seek with the camera?
    Welcome back, sweetie.

  5. It's been a while. Nice to see you back.
    Those grapevines go crazy!!!
    Your garden is looking happy and lovely.

  6. I know the feeling too well of a garden gone to seed (so to speak). Only here in the subtropics, a garden can literally disappear under invasive vines and creepers if it's neglected for any two seasons in a row. I've been slowly reclaiming mine after just such neglect - finally accepting that I can never have it all under control, but day by day the minute and hours I give it when I can will slowly reveal the beauty that's still there, and that sustains me in my own troubled times.


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