Friday, August 30, 2013

I delighted in the Buddha's shadow

and the wind chime's shadow
...still... along the wall
It's the none movement
that quiets me this morning
My mom's new cat is very sick
and I have prayed for this kitty
every night
that God spare it for my mother
who just lost her older cat this past year
My mom is 83 years old
and this is taking a toll on her


A bunny runs out of the ground cover and stops
hoping I don't see it
or seek to harm it
I would never hurt you Mr Bunny
Every creature is welcome in my garden
You give me so much in return
glimpses of joy and wonder
moments of awe
and spirit


You Mr. Hummingbird moth
took me away to a place of bliss
this morning...your movements up and down and over
the Butterfly bush
.....How this bush got spared from the landscapers march to Atlanta
I'll never be sure of
But it is one of those little miracles that I know
and never question
but rather stand in

Even the morning shadows across the brick
make me look up in quiet
for the sun
that warms the earth
draws forth life out of barren ground
It is no wonder that the ancients worshiped it
It is an orb of life

It is going to be very hot today
and the garden is waning as it is
...the birds call for me to fill the feeders and the birdbaths
Leaves are falling
and  I know the season of summer
has gathered her skirt and romped over the hill
I feel like I'm passing through one right now

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  1. Suz, that was a beautiful post with beautiful photos. Your mom and her kitty are in my prayers.



  2. Hi Suz! Another lovely post, photos and thoughts. I'll be keeping your Mom's cat in my prayers for a full and quick recovery--From my own Mom and experience, I know how much it means to her. Take care, and enjoy your weekend!

  3. Another moving post with wonderful photos. You have an eye! I'll be praying for your Mom and her new family member.

  4. Suz! I lost you for a bit when the blogger reader vanished;
    so glad to find you again. My heart goes so soothing soft
    when I read through your beautiful shared words and pics.
    thank you,

  5. I sure wish our summer would, "... gather[ed] her skirt and romped over the hill." and take the heat and smoke with her. Summer has worn out it's welcome here.
    I will say a little prayer for your mom's kitten.
    Take care and be at one with life.

    p.s. The reflection of the chime on the left looks like Buddha wrote something symbolic on it for you. It looks like Asian writing. Lovely photo.

  6. Beautiful pictures; beautiful poetry, Sue...will keep your Mom and her kitty in my thoughts and prayers.

    So glad you're posting again and sharing with us your wonderful gift of writing.


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