Saturday, August 17, 2013

A photographer...I'm not
but this morning I snapped away
at anything that caught my eye and brought me joy
the wench is back

They spotted me first
and waddled along the rooftop
keeping an eye on me
I love mourning doves

all my undercover...gone

but it hasn't deterred my little bunny family
like ghosts they haunt the garden
making rattling sounds in what is left of the brush

my butterfly weed has survived the "Sherman's march to the sea"

oh loves it here
I think I have a rain garden going for sure
now...if it would only rain
everybody needs beauty
as well as bread
places to play in
and pray in
where nature may heal and cheer
and give strength
to body and soul alike
...john muir


  1. Very pretty photos. Love the second one the most. Capturing what you enjoy is the best way to approach photos.

  2. Ahhhh! There you are! I keep checking and finally...
    Your garden is beautiful as always and oh, I love the mourning doves too. And what a sweet little bunny! I haven't had much to blog about lately either, but now that you're back, I feel better! :)

  3. Lovely! Your shaded paths make me want to wander them!

    1. they look better in the photo
      kind of naked looking to me
      but for sure, the plants will all return
      but this time I hope to keep a handle on it
      But I love shade

  4. Suz, I love your photos, I'm glad you're back! Your little bunny is so adorable and those red berries are beautiful. Thank you for your comments over on my blog. We need rain here desperately, too...I'm sending rain wishes for your area also.



    1. ha... I have MANY little bunnies
      and many baby birds and two adorable little squirrels who have grown up in my river birch tree
      and they have made a new nest for winter...
      their mama still comes and visits them
      Waiting to see updates on mama skunk
      rain? what's that?

  5. Ah lovely. Glad to see you back in the garden. Love the bunny and morning doves are such sweet birds aren't they.
    Hope to see you here more often, have missed you.


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