Thursday, September 5, 2013

Google is giving me trouble over  loading pictures
Lucky for me
an important one was able to get through
using another method
The grouse.
today was a glorious day
truly one to put in a treasure box
So I ditched the inside work
and went outside to clean up the deck
....the deck that was supposed to be taken down this summer
....there's always next year
I heard some rustling in the fallen leaves of the horsechestnut
I looked over and I was dumbstruck
there was this bird I had never seen before
and it hopped onto the deck stair, then onto the deck and proceeded to walk
right by my feet
I didn't move....I thought it was coming right up to me
like a pet bird...what bird is this?
It was a grouse
We don't have grouse here....
It stopped about a foot away from me then proceeded to walk across the deck and jump off
I ran inside....'cause nobody is going to believe me
...just like the time in Chicago, in the Brighton Park neighborhood
I walked out the door and my landlord's garden
stood a curlew
....back to my grouse
Of course (?) I found the camera on the kitchen table and ran outside to catch the grouse
son of a b
I ran back inside and found a card
but the doggone bird was gone
I think I heard him in the Autumn joy sedum
but they was absolutely covered in bees
We were in Galena this past weekend, near the Mississippi River
Chestnut mountain ski resort to be exact husband said he looked it up and said there are tons of grouse there
one of the few places in Illinois
Could this bird have hitched a ride ?
no way
My husband insists
I told my hairstylist about the grouse
and he spun me around in the chair
and asked
Didn't you claim to see a mink too?
I knew he didn't believe me
The last words out of my mouth last night before lights out were,
How did that bird get here and where will he go?

My husband said,
quit grousing and go to sleep


  1. You know, I believe you. Can't imagine - he must have been in one of your bags! By the way, read my response to your post on my blog about papers. :}

  2. you do?!
    Oh April you have loved him...walked right past me
    I nearly fainted from joy

  3. I believe you! It's migration and magic can happen anytime! Congrats!!! That's a new lifebird for your yard! What a wonderful find! I am very envious as this is a bird I have yet to see:) So many congrats! And I sometimes have the same issue with my camera:(

    1. oh but do they fly that far?
      I rather think of them as grass birds
      But it is that time of the year
      You have to be still and watch
      observe.....Sometimes I see a bird like a warbler
      for just one branch jump...then gone
      and yes no camera always
      It was exciting...and I'm still looking for it today

  4. I believe ya Sue,but then again Mr. Mountain man says I'll believe anything ! lol

    1. oh sister....I knew YOU would believe me
      are you kidding?

  5. It's a free country.....a grouse can go wherever he/she pleases! I believe you, Suz and loved reading about it. I call those moments kisses from God:)

  6. I don't know Suz. If it was "sent" for some reason... it would have been a dove or a carrier pigeon... or a Bluebird ( God would have sent you a bluebird... for happiness.)
    But a GROUSE? Are you sure? Sometimes you have to beware of Grouse arriving on your deck. Is that a good sign or a bad sign? Did it say anything?
    Were you fully awake?
    The possibility that he got into the car and came home with you has merit.
    I will think about this in the morning, when I've had a good night's sleep and my mind is clear.
    I had a yellow finch land on me once... but a Grouse?
    I don't believe you can make this stuff up.
    I want to believe you.

    1. it is true
      every word of it
      Farmlady.....a goldfinch landed on you...sure

  7. Hm, if you say so.

    Lucky grouse, a least it wasn’t in Scotland, where it would be shot and eaten as soon as looked at.

    Why shouldn’t a grouse hitch a ride? Perhaps it felt like repaying your visit to its own habitat.

    1. what? another skeptic!
      Maybe that's why he why he was hunting allowed ever
      I love being near the Mississippi
      you could have a point

  8. Funny! Isn't it just when we need a picture that our cameras are not ready! I believe you. One year I saw some yellow bird that I've never seen before or since (didn't get a picture), so I know that odd things happen sometimes. We also had a partridge around here for a couple of weeks one year. It had escaped from a man that was raising it!


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