Saturday, February 2, 2013

Now do you believe me.
This little fella actually crawled into Handsome's house
and squirreled under the pillow and blankets and stayed there for
most of the afternoon!
I guess..warm is warm

I didn't see him yesterday.....
but Handsome showed up....and stayed all day
snug in his igloo that is heated with a warming pad for outdoors
....I guess I can never move.
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  1. honestly, creatures are just attracted
    to the warm honesty of your loving spirit:)
    i think it's beautiful,
    a little cinderella and the birds:)
    i love that about you,

    1. shucks, is that what it is?
      I never know when I open the blinds..what I'll see!
      But I was unhappy to hear that they eat baby birds and frogs and toads...! oh no!

  2. What a fun little visitor to have! I at first thought it was a weasel, because we have them around, but I guess not! However, I totally agree with Jennifer's thoughts, all those needing a good meal and safe shelter are just drawn to your home!

  3. You are like the animal whisperer, Suz.

  4. Suz,
    Looks like you have another fur friend to feed and watch over. We have a few minks around here but they are usually down near the stream. They are very curious little creatures. Don't know how they will get along with handsome.

  5. Wanted to tell you that Julie & Rob have seen mink on the side of the road in their area, Sue. So, I guess they're here.

  6. We don’t like minks round here; they kill the true indigenous creatures until there are none left. Mink colonise our river unfortunately. I think they are considered vermin and are, erm, discouraged.

  7. Wow, what a delightful surprise---I would be thrilled to look out and see him... :)

    1. Hi was a thrill....what!? is that, I asked my husband. Honestly a mink at my door?

  8. Do you think he and Handsome shared the house? :)

    I wonder where he came from. Maybe he lives at Handsome's summer house and he heard how hospitable you are.

    1. ha ha...glad you left a crack up comment


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