Friday, January 25, 2013

a mink?

We don't have mink here in our suburb.

I once had a baby muskrat fall down my window well
and a sick fox called my deck home for two weeks before he died under my deck
and an injured goose with a broken wing
and countless dogs and cats appear at my back door
but a mink?

Could he have been an escaped pet?
or does he live mysteriously in my neighborhood?

He was tiny.
He struggled to eat the dry food
He had an injury to his neck fur as if he had been caught somewhere.

He stayed about 10 minutes then scampered off
leaving the little child inside of me filled with joy
and wonder



  1. Hmmm. I'd be like you, excited to see him.

  2. What a great find Suz! I hope he's okay and it's really wonderful of you to have food out for him. That poor guy. He's probably having a tough time right now with the weather and injury. Hope he makes it.

  3. only you would get this wonder
    and thoughts of worry for this little creature
    ....Good thing Handsome didn't meet him....

  4. I don't know much about Minks and their habits, but he must have wanted food awfully bad to come into the neighborhood and up to your porch. Poor little thing. The "little child inside of me" would have wanted to take care of it and nurture it... but it's a wild thing and could have diseases. Best to let it eat and leave. Too bad it was hurt. Oh.... I can't stand it when animals or hurt or abused etc. It's just so sad.

    1. it is so sad.....why they have to suffer
      especially if some human was responsible I send them all the compassion I can
      ..but yes...I respect that they are wild...and don't go near a feral kitty is a different thing....

  5. Oh my gosh! Maybe it was Handsome who told him yours' is a "safe place".

    1. I don't think so....since Handsome has returned...Beautiful has been missing

  6. oh i hope he doesn't limp along
    for the rest of his days,
    that the injury heals.
    it's fascinating, the wonder
    how he came to be on your porch.
    i'm so glad he found food
    and shelter there.

  7. How exciting to have a strange new animal appear in your yard. I've never seen a mink before. Hopefully he will be okay. Must have seen the signal (kind of like a bat signal) that your place is a safe haven.


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