Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yesterday it was windy and cold
and i stood at the window and watched this indigo glass bottle
letting itself be taken by the wind
and I saw a flash of joy

"When you do something,
 you should do it with your whole body and mind;
you should be concentrated on
what you do."

It got done to 4 degrees last night
and Handsome found his way to us
and hunkered down in comfort
belly filled with chicken
and his body warmed by soft blankets
and a heated pad underneath them.
He did it with his whole body


And early this morning
I saw that he was snuggled way back in the igloo
and stirred when he heard me
and ventured out and stretched
that wonder wonderful cat stretch...
that we humans try to imitate

I warmed his chicken up in a pot with a bit of butter it would stay warm...
In this cold weather it freezes so fast.
He wolfed it down and then stared at me
...more please..
but I was out of chicken
So I slipped him some dry food..and he took what was given
with his whole body

Then I saw that he moved into the sun and let it warm and nurture him
wise kitty
I wish he would let me own him
but I think he will not be owned
This too he does with his whole body....
lives free

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  1. Replies
    1. from one who knows and gives love...
      thank you
      animals only expand the space between chambers

  2. Sue,
    It is lovely you respect his desire to live free and offer him warm morsels of your affection.

    1. he has taught me this
      and I offer him everything I have
      ..he's quite an old puss

  3. Suz, I was thinking, wouldn't it be funny if you came across a blogger who wrote about Handsome coming to visit in the warmer months and how she wonders where he goes in the winter?!

    I love reading about Handsome all of the other critters who come to visit you.

  4. sometimes i think
    these animals...relentlessly wild
    are messengers in their own right
    and to be cherished just as they are.
    or maybe it's a slow burn
    to win his trust.
    either way, your heart is a beauty:)

  5. Oh Sue, I guess this is the way it has to be. Bless you, warming his are something; yes, a blessing.

  6. Poor rough life of kitty:) He loves you for doing that....I know he does. We had one night of cold:) Like Midwest and snow etc etc:) I have 3 feral cats. I put blankets over all my citrus and frost sensitive plants. The cats huddled together under those blankets. Scared me at first but then made me go....ohhhhh.....poor kitties:) Glad he has you there.


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