Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's that time again...
time when yearnings for the garden seep
into the daily breathing of my heart and soul

I remember the evening pictured above
..after a day of rain
Somehow it cleared up by late afternoon
and the sun shown in the cloudy sky
like a miracle of joy
It was late June
and my mood fit the rainy day

Losing our little Isla Maeve in May
made the garden seem less joyful
to me as I daily sought refuge
where it usually was to be found...amongst the green and flowers and trees
and birds and bug and toads of the garden
But it was in the heavens above
just be before dusk
that the comfort came to me
in the simple reminder that the sun always shines
....I remember cutting a few flowers
and bringing them inside
joy in a vase
and I was comforted

I can't wait to return to my beloved space
in the garden
As usual I have grand plans to redo some parts
...that's the beauty of it really
the opportunity to make better
and knowing that it really doesn't matter
for things become what they are
always and still
my Open Bar of Joy

I've already purchased my four o'clock
and my heavenly blue morning glory seeds
so it begins....the great dreaming in late winter



  1. garden dreaming with you, friend;
    hope and comfort still,

  2. Suz, that is such a beautiful photo, so atmospheric. I'm starting to dream about my garden, too. It never turns out quite like I imagined, but, like you, it gives me a great deal of joy.

  3. A beautiful poetic post, Sue. A beautiful poem. And a prize-winning photo.

  4. Our garden dreams in these l o n g winter months, makes it all bearable, doesn't it. My next evening jaunt will be through the seed catalogs in search of Purple Kale, colorful gourds and rainbows of flowers. Awww, the dream.

  5. Beautiful post Suz. Ironic and lovely you menioned heavenly blue morning glories. They are a favorite planting around our farm. I was decorating my home page a few days ago, still being a beginner, working of that part of my blog. I put up some of my lovely heavenly blues! I hope we all return to the beloved garden spaces soon.

    1. yes, I saw them right away
      they be still my heart

  6. Hope your seeds and bulbs are ready to go in.....I know you've been planning. I know I would be. A garden is a living journal of our lives. Things come and go. Some things linger longer. My grandparents have long gone but the rhubarb they planted still pops up stubbornly in what used to be their garden. I'm sure there's a message there....just not sure what it is:)


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