Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring clean up has begun
Oh what a mess it makes
but it has to be done
clip, rake, bag
As I stood in garden yesterday and looked around
it did my being good to think about the miracle
that will shortly transform this barren mess
 into a refuge
of spirit



  1. It looks great! I'm glad you are having wonderful weather to get a head start before the mark of spring. Here's my situation. We have oak trees. They drop leaves right now which HINDERS the cleaning up process!!!! Drives me nuts. Acorns, leaves, and then pollen....nightmare. And then brutal summer....:)

  2. I was out there again today...a few more prunes and snips
    The wind was howling was crows, cat or witch though
    What kind of oak grows by you?
    ...and you love every minute of it...don't lie

  3. Looks wonderful, and you have grass!! You asked about the woodlands. I had a large shade garden but sadly, when I went back to work full time, I had to let it go back to nature as I just couldn't take care of it all. It makes me sad every time I look over that way and see the paths all covered in rampant vine and tons of leaves. Hope you get lots of great weather for the big clean up!

  4. oh...I hear a woman who needs garden!

  5. reading your artful words my soul gets whiff of
    that loamy airy smell of fresh clippings
    and overturned leaves
    that smell is part joy:)
    gardenfull of joy to you,


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