Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh the lovely aconite
It all seems so hurried this year
not a chance to gasp in surprise
or stop in delight at the ephemerals and early bulbs
Everything all at once
...a hurried spring....
Every branch and twig
every crown
leaves popping out thorough the ground everywhere
and I haven't even finished my clean up
Today it is to 80
oh dear me...that is too warm for now
I am still having problems with my rash
guess it wasn't from my meds...
and yesterday when I came inside from pruning
I itched like crazy
Oh dear
My husband says to hire someone
They wouldn't know what to prune and pull
not even if I told them....I have to do it myself
and I am struggling with this rash setback
What if it is something in the garden?
oh lordie...no not that
I came across my garden toad yesterday
Oh I love them....he squealed when I picked him up
I am so thrilled that my garden is healthy enough for toads and bugs
This year I pledge to not use any chemicals ...like weed killer on my lawn
I am now a zealot for natural...let the clover flourish
I would show you my mess in the yard....heaps of branches and dead stuff
but it is overwhelming for even me to look at
and our town has not started pick up yet...what will I do?
I guess I'll bag and wait for real spring to arrive
still dreaming and planning everyday on how I am gong to change a few things
in the garden.....
Oh it is all too exciting


  1. so glad for the JOY inside the rash!
    and for the glad toad
    and brilliant blooming
    and, yes, it's all happening at once here
    and in earth already shimmery with heat.
    Thick yellow air sticking to my skin
    wet with humidity.
    March sure is expressing herself differently this year!

  2. Sue! Call the doctor back again. Oh no, it can't be your beloved garden.

  3. I don't know about you but I think the clover is really pretty. I just wanted to tell you that Tag you are a lucky duck! I hope you are up for a game between us blogger. I hope you can play. Go check it out on my blog at


    P.S. I hope you are okay and that rash went away.

    1. I'll check it out...but don't look for me to tell you my weight!

  4. I love Spring - early enough to still believe my plans are possible, even probable!! I'm like you - I enjoy the bugs that show up in my garden as much as I do the flowers. I get very excited when I see one I don't recognize, or have only seen in my bug books. If it wasn't for my clover I would hardly have anything green at all! Give your toad a kiss for me:)

    1. oh hee hee a kindred sister....I am a total bug and critter lover...and I like your attitude about still believe that my plans are possible, even probable.....oh we are sisters

  5. Maybe the rash has to do with allergies? I've gotten that a couple times. As for hiring someone.....that's a 50/50 deal. I couldn't handle someone coming in and not knowing anything about the plants...cutting and pulling abound on new plants etc. It drove me nuts. BUT if you are just having them clean, then I would do it:)

    1. well, we think we have the source of the allergy down...but you know how that goes...again I am prednisone..and need to stay out of the sun..and boo hoo it has been 80's here!
      I agree about garden help....how do you find someone knowledgeable ...do it yourself....

  6. My heart leaps with joy when I read this...Healing blessings on your rash.


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