Tuesday, March 6, 2012

is this a sign?
Look who I found on the ground while
cleaning up the beds?
little miss loved that witch
last summer
I thought she took it home

It was 63 out this afternoon
but oh so windy
Every wind chime
and bell and gong
was going off
My tree's jewelry
swinging in the gusts
Oh it was Divine

But I found out...I'm not getting any younger
despite the yoga
the hand weights
the (ugh) walking
This was work!
...cutting away volunteer bushes
and old growth

Why this gourd birdhouse
was new...just purchased in the fall
at a craft fair....rotten Happy Jack

I saw little bits of green poking out all over!

and Mother Nature never fails
to stop me in my tracks
with her artistry
It was a good good day
in the garden..
OH....and a spider ran across my fingers
and I heard a crow...caw cawing
We don't get crows...
it was a sign

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  1. Witches, crows....hmmmmm....are there ruby slippers hidden somewhere with your sister's name on them?(Wicked reference:) I think you'd like it. Glad you had some nice weather. The first time out after a period of not being in the garden is a killer....I'm also getting back into the swing of it again. Hope you got a lot done:)

  2. all true
    It was wonderful sitting in the dirt and leaves
    The wind was something else
    I gave up raking and just cut away
    hope you are having fun too Chris

  3. Well aren't you the lucky one to be outside and enjoying the wonderful day around you. We still have a good couple of feet of snow and grass is no where to be seen at the moment. Oh and the witch is just so cute laying there staring up at you. Where did you but her now that she was found?
    So glad you were able to share your wonderful day and all the nature with us.

  4. Love that surprise of finding the little witch peeking out at you! And oh the crows...love that sound.


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