Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's never wholly ours

It's 70 today and sunny
but sigh again, I am supposed to stay out of the sun
because of a drug reaction, and a huge rash
which is almost gone due to prednisone...
nasty stuff
Besides, I had my book club today,Bookies
we read The Kitchen House
Look, the blood root is coming up!
that's it...spring is officially here
I love blood root...a little miracle of a flower

and then there are broken pots and things
that I just leave to have a relationship with the soil

Walking along I can smell the earth,
and hear the birds chirping everywhere around me.
Why two ducks just flew right over me,

and the lillies are rising out of the pachysandra
little joys

I read this quote in a garden book
it is now in my journal,
I share a joy:

"Nor is the fragrant garden ever wholly our own... Over hedge or wall, and often far down the highway,
it sends a greeting, not alone to us who have toiled for it, but to the passing stranger, the blind beggar, the child,skipping to school, the tired woman on her way to work, the rich man, the careless youth."
-Louise Beebe Wilder


  1. Hi Suz:) I like that end quote. Hey, bummer about the rash and sunny day combo. I can't wait to see everything wake up around your place. Hopefully you'll get to have some more nice weather and be able to get outside. It has been a long day today and I wanted to go and take a walk tonight, but I put my pj's on instead:) It's a read a book tonight. Have a good evening:) And feel better. Chris

  2. I've been loving these nice sunny days.
    Love the quote.

  3. hope you're mending well
    and maybe even enjoying
    prednisone's creative possibilities
    (the extra energy surge sometimes helps me
    paint later into the night).
    I love the way you let your pots
    have their own "relationship with the soil".
    You have a wonderful light about you:)


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