Friday, September 13, 2013

The garden path leads to Autumn

but there is still much beauty going on
like this lone morning glory 

there is joy in the wabi sabi look of this chair
and my heart swells with joy for the little flowers
 that are so ordinary, but today
so welcomed and adored by me

Even the dreaded monstrous grapevine
 that has taken over my chimney this summer
Is beautiful with its deep purple fruit

......that my wards...who must move on soon
will eat to to fatten themselves up for the long journey of migration

Oh I will miss you all,
 but will hold tight
to the awaiting feelings of excitment and anticipation
for your return

Sweet Autumn
your blooms are breathtaking
I shall never have a garden again without you

Remember the summer I cut you down instead of the grapevine
and I cried out

But you came back to me the next year
thank you

Even the clinkin clanking caliginous collection of junk
never fails to open my eyes to ordinary joy
wabi sabi

and the new arrivals that spark childlike glee in me
...You are in good company...welcome

autumn joy sedum
how wonderfully named
so true
pure joy

My obedient plant has spread over to my neighbors side
and she thanked me
ha.... beautiful you are
against the iron
Glad I remembered to toss your seeds in the ground
for you have rewarded me with late blooms
of such passion

I have gathered my pots together
to keep them close by
so I can nuture them to the end

Oh....I have seen too many of these little feathers scattered around
The hawk returned

I can only do so much him vigorously
...but he waits
and he eats for the day

so sad for my mourning doves

....but the trees  weeped leaves
and your feathers were covered with deep respect

The dove just having roosted in your branches

predator /prey

Oh the lessons of the garden
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  1. A hawk in your garden is pretty exciting along with all of your other birds you've seen recently. Your garden looks lovely right now. I look forward to the cooler temps again so that I may go out into the garden and work:) have a good weekend. Chris

    1. I will never like the hawk in my yard....
      This one sat on my neighbor's roof
      a game of chicken and I blinked
      and my dove lost the game
      boo hoo

  2. Suz,
    You see beauty in everything around you and always have a great way with photo's to express this all so we can also see and feel the beauty.
    Love the wind chime shadow shot against the wall in one of your older post.
    Just catching up with everyone blog, as you may have also noticed I haven't been around for awhile and hopefully will be back to blogging soon.
    Really love your blog site.
    Take care and have a great weekend.

    1. ah witch...I too haven't blogged much....
      a stuffed up spirit
      but I'm beginning to drain
      I take pictures of what stops me
      and it is always a glimpse of heavenly joy
      ..a moment

  3. Hi Suz,
    Your photos are all beautiful but I love, love, love your garden chair. I'm sure it never was happier than it is now! Your Sedum is spectacular! You have inspired me to create a row of them.
    Have a great weekend, Sally

    1. ha..that chair...actually it has turned out just right
      and it too will fade away into the garden someday
      I guess have many chairs in the garden now that I think about it....thanks
      Oh sedum....a bee's delight....and mine too

  4. Ah another fan of Wabi Sabi ~ I even named one of my cats after it !
    Our Sedum is buzzing with bees as well.
    Hawks can be so determined when they set their sights on things , so sorry about your beautiful mourning doves :(

  5. Oh, my goodness! You stand of sedum is just stunning! I am really not using this plant well! The last part about the hawk, and how the leaves covered the feathers of the dove in respect, is beautiful.

  6. Love the stories in your those blue morning glories and oh...that sweet autumn! And all the clinking and clanging...and those new "duck" arrivals!


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