Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I cannot tell you what overcame me this summer
that I so neglected my garden
life, I guess
I let others prune my bushes and weed my garden
and they almost destroyed it
But I know better
Every year in the garden is a new garden
and I expect that when the first robin returns
  a spiritual match will light the dry kindling inside of me
and nature will be faithful and there will be survivors
and I will begin again
walk barefoot on the earth
receive its energy
I'll dig out my gloves and hat
and tools

We'll begin the creative process all over again
and there will be joy
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  1. My garden wench here you are ! I have missed you.
    There is still joy to be had there t go ahead out for a chat with your plants and enjoy :)
    October still flows , embrace tis not all gone .
    Be well and in awe,

    1. Oh I did take a walk in her this morning and yes there is still a remaining mum that the landscaper missed
      oh I touched its happy deep red petals....and felt happy in the moment
      and I saw a few butterflies and bees...always a joy...

  2. Hi Suz,
    I'm always so glad to see that you've posted. Autumn is so charming and mysterious. How can dying be so beautiful? I hope if fill your heart until your joy overflows.

  3. shucks, thanks
    I will look for the mystery this morning on my morning walk...which I am back to doing...
    how can dying be so beautiful.....something to think on


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