Thursday, January 24, 2013

The dove
the mourning dove
One of the garden's simplest pleasures
to watch
This one sat there for about 15 minutes
then flew down to the ground
picking around the snow dusted earth...
I took pity....and filled the feeders...
cast some on the gorund for her or him
....a kindness
that came back to me
When she sat again on the deck rail
and watched me watching her or him
Funny how a simple little bird
can brighten ones morning



  1. Adorable little bird:) All puffed up from the cold. Stay warm Suz and keep your birds happy. It's cold over there....or at least that's what my family is saying.

  2. oh yea, it's cold...very very cold

  3. A lovely post!! I think you were both rewarded!!

  4. what a sweet gift you were given:)
    thanks for sharing,

  5. They seem to be such gentle birds. I like to watch them too. : )

  6. I love the doves too. I have three feeders on my side window and the sparrows flutter and carry on for the best spot. The dove(s) wait patiently on the sill for them to finish fighting over it and then they clean up what has fallen onto the sill and ground. I was just thinking this morning of filling a small iron feeder on my deck where they land, so they don't have to wait for the leftovers. Yes, they are the most gentle.

  7. Morning doves always remind to appreciate the sweet, simple pleasures of life. I just found you and am enjoying your pages as I sit here in New England with a blizzard upon us ~lovely to look out the window watch the snow and browse leisurely through your posts!


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