Sunday, April 1, 2012

teach me to garden,Grandma

Can one love so much that your heart wants to burst?
This precious dear granddaughter
said the magic words to me this morning
Teach me to garden, Grandma
After a big hug I said, "Well, first we'll start with seeing."
....the garden will never be the same again...I thought to myself
She will always be with me....her words
..Who knows..maybe she will garden someday
California has wonderful weather....
and just maybe she got my green thumb
blessings and joy



  1. That's wonderful!:) It really is getting green in your area. Everyone has been telling me about it....and the best gift is the one that you can pass on. You know that my Grandparents taught me the ways of the plant:) Now you get to pass on this magnificent act. This makes me smile. Have a good week and have some fun getting your hands dirty in your wonderful weather.

  2. Oh you dear Grandma, you. She's getting so big. You will hear her voice in your garden all summer. xox

  3. Those are magic words, Grandma.

  4. Those words must of been music to your ears. : )

  5. Suz,
    Sweet honey to your ears to hear this asking and wanting to learn.
    I'm so glad for you that you have the chance to teach, explore nature together and really bond. I miss my Grandmother and Grandfather so much but was very lucky to have learned valuable life skills and enjoyment to last me a life time. I would never have known how to can vegetables/fruits and bake like a pro if it hadn't been for them. They truly taught me how to live off what you have close by and be grateful everyday for what you have.
    Maybe simpler times but I doubt it.
    You have so much to teach your Grandchild. I know you will do her proud.
    I'm so happy she asked you to teach her how to garden.
    I'm sure you will keep us up-dated
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

    1. hugs...big hugs witch.....and a blessed easter to you and yours.....and i loved my grandparents very muvh too

  6. oh be still my heart:):):)
    someday. someday I hope I hear those words:)
    beautiful, Suz...grinning with you.

  7. Suz, I forgot you had this other blog!!!! I love your photos and you are ever so lucky. I hope some day I get to talk to my grandbabies in my own garden, about ferns and fiddleheads, and slugs and ladybugs. I have to make it a point to check in here, I can garden with you from afar.

  8. Oh, isn't that the most wonderful thing when our GrandLoves love US so much that they want to learn what is SO important to us. You are so blessed, indeed. My Grandson asked the same of me last summer. He loves to garden and has his very own space in Grandma's garden.

  9. Grandparents are special because they have time and those times will create joy down the generations and the years. Well done!
    I clicked 'Preview' and dammit, you have those word recognition gismos that are so hard to read! BUT you are worth it... just. :-)

    1. Oh you dear Staffy.....I thought I had urned that darn thing off....thanks for telling me
      I HATE this new verify word thing!!!


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