Friday, April 20, 2012

Gardening has been put on hold
The visiting grand kids and their bulldog
have made it impossible to do anything outside
except bubbles, toss the ball, tag...and
watching Dutch, the dog, prefer my beds to grass
oh dear.....oh my
But yesterday, while they slept in
I snuck outside
oh the morning light
and the rising perennials
they give me strength
and the good Lord has blessed my garden
with lots of wildlife....of the ordinary kind
but loved none the less
just watching the birds steal dry grass
and the doves waddle through the wild geraniums
and the bunnies try to figure out how to get in or out of the dog barricade :)
has lifted this tired old grandmother up
Yep, I'm ready for combat  the new day
OH.....they'll be gone all day today....'s raining


  1. Your garden will be there a while but all too soon even the grandkids grow up. How nice that you can spend time with them. : )

  2. How cool is that you have visitors hanging out!:) I say the gardening can have some good excuses to take a break:)Have a good weekend....maybe the rain will let up a bit? Chris

  3. loved this.....grinning and laughing (combat indeed:))
    and hoping for some sunny skies
    and together time
    with your garden soon:)
    enjoy it all,

  4. Trying to think of that quote about a garden and patience. haha! Oh Sue, I know you are going to have a lot of memories to think about when they are gone back home and lots of quiet moments to enjoy your garden. Combat!...hahahahahhha!

  5. It's so beautiful how your garden gives you strength, Suz. I love critters, too, even the common ones like doves and finches. Yesterday I went down to the creek at dusk and was rewarded with sightings of racoons and a white egret.


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