Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last year's birdhouses
weathered just right
I hope to get back in the garden soon
the dog and the grand-kids love to play here
and I keep my mouth shut
every time they stray off into my beds
oh !!!
my precious ephemerals
It is what it is
life goes on
and the garden will return


  1. How about little temporary fencing that you can put out when you want as a reminder of where the beds are. I use some when our nieces and nepews visit and it is perfect. Toddlers bump it and go back the other way. The older ones know a fence means watch out and keep an eye out for them. Probably won't stop the dogs though.

    1. It's really the bulldog.....my poor lily...spending their inheritance....it's being fertilized daily....!
      oh woe....this too will pass...won't it?

  2. Gardens,dogs, grandkids,
    Grandkids, gardens, dogs
    Dogs, grandkids, gardens...
    We all have to have our priorties straight.
    But then... be flexible.
    The lovely little bird houses will be there when you return and maybe a bird or nest... or egg.
    The garden will be there too.
    It's all good.

    1. we're traveling the same road Farmlady.....it's kind of fun.....just have to look the other way...esp with their beloved dog with bad breath that drools and blows stink bombs everywhere....family.

  3. My sister came up with the best deterrent for her precious plants. She spent part of the cold winter creating a tiny fairy/gnome village of homes, chairs, tables, even centerpieces for the tables. It's lovely to look at and imagine what lies beyond. The grandchildren will gaze rather than graze into her flowerbeds. She has already posted some of her creations in previous posts on her blog, UpNorthWithMel.
    I use waddles/stick fencing. It looks great and keeps most intruders at bay. Good luck as they play.

    1. ha! my granddaughter would walk right over that waddle to get to the fairies.....like now
      but it is truly the dog....and his victory kicks...oh my
      Hey..thanks for stopping by

  4. that is brilliant, the wiring around your bird houses
    so artful like that.
    pretty as a posie:)
    happy waiting for warmer times,

  5. Oh, you are a good grandma. I can't wait to hear more about that grand-dog! Post a pix of him please!

  6. Hi there stranger:) It's nice to see your garden greening up. These birdhouses are really nice. I like how they've aged. They have a lot of character. I just added another birdfeeder.....I think these birds are going to eat me out of house and home:)


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