Friday, July 8, 2016

ivy still here

I spent the morning weeding
and inspecting the garden for you know
damage and bugs and poison ivy
found all three
bugs I can live with
but poison ivy...two little stalks found hiding under the dogwoods
but worse, I found a break in the drainage from the sump pump
oh dear, will it never end.....this is not sexy stuff
but the lilies are all in bloom....sigh I love lilies
so beautiful at dusk with that slant of light piercing their beautiful petals
Pablo was supposed to come tonight to look at the drainage pipe
of course ...he didn't come
he'll be here in the morning, but how does he know that I will be here?
I was out and about...near plants...I want to take them all's a sickness
this love of flowers....


  1. Hi Suz, I have gotten as bad about blogging. It seems to have lost its zing somehow. Happy to hear from you though!
    Hugs from New Hampshire,
    Beth P

    1. oh hugs back It seems the people that kept me blogging have mostly dropped off and the writing memes have I miss microfiction Fridays with susan You need to find blogs that you connect with the writer of help too...We all need to stoke our blogs for some passion and sharing
      ha Im going to vivit you now

  2. Hello Suz! I wish you a wonderful start into the new week :)

    1. Well, I am trying not to get bogged down in reality
      It is very hot out in the garden, so I spent the morning tidying up the garden and planting a hosta I bought 2 weeks ago....Pablo still MIA Thanks for the stop by

  3. Such hateful stuff. I get it all too easily -- we are surrounded by it.

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