Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dreaming of White Clover

Got a call from a friend from Galena
Want me to check on the house? he asks
He called back and said our propane tank was empty
and it is 5 degrees outside
and we are on a keep full much for that
Now, don't worry, it's taken care of
and we always shut the water off
but.....lordie.....this winter
has been one lesson
that I am still trying to figure out what I need to learn
from it
I that this too shall pass
and tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes
and tomorrow is always a gift
as is today
I have been looking out the window a lot
surveying the frozen tundra of a garden
and wishing and dreaming and lusting for color
making plans
Wanting to make a new garden this year
redo a few areas.....I know I say that every winter
But this time it is different...I am thinking
small and do-able
not grand and overwhelming
like sewing white Dutch clover in a barren area
between houses....oh! I hear you screaming
But I am wanting more bees and the smell of clover flowers
and the ability to make clover necklaces
while lying in it
 looking up
with sky mind
 yes....I think I shall invite clover in
and let the sorrel stay
along with the purple clover that bees
go gaga over
I am a wench after all.....I welcome all
Who am I to stand in judgment of anyone
Come all ye faithful
Yes this year it will be different
I shall do as I please in my garden
and it shall please me


  1. This has been some winter so far and this next week we are supposed to have more record breaking lows.


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